blooming branch creative is a full-service floral and event firm located in charlotte, north carolina, and available for travel worldwide. we offer floral design packages for all special occasions, curated decorative rentals, and event design and management services.

our mission:
blooming branch creative seeks to equip its clients to celebrate life’s most splendid moments beautifully and abundantly. we deliver uniquely designed events and event elements with grace, professionalism and extraordinary attention to detail.

our tenets:
– relationships are always worth more to us than revenue.
– celebrations and gatherings with loved ones are some of the most memorable, joyful moments in life.
– an exquisite personalized event can still be worry-free and affordable.
– communication, details and organization are the most important parts a successful event equation.
– flowers make everything more beautiful.

what we’re about:
blooming branch creative’s name stems from the fact that we are quite smitten with tree branches and the way that they demonstrate each season in such beautifully unique ways. we love how this imagery reflects the seasons of our own lives and the idea that even when life seems barren and dark, that new life and seasons always bloom again. we love helping our clients celebrate the abundant blooms and blessings of their own lives.

we also love the Biblical imagery surrounding branches, and desire as both a business and as individual followers of Christ, to remain connected to The Vine in every season. we have been blessed abundantly and seek to produce beautiful, blooming fruit in all our endeavors.

“it has been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a splendid vine.”

– ezekiel 17:8

image via avonne photography