christmas home tour


i always love my tiny apartment (at least when it’s clean and i’m not complaining about the lack of closet space) and i’m really excited for some fun redecoration plans i have for the new year. but, it’s safe to say that i never love my apartment as much as i do at christmas time.┬áso today, from me to you, here are a few snaps of my own home this christmas. i’ve had the most fun decorating this year and really worked to simplify my decor and de-clutter a bit (the struggle is real in a tiny apartment). the result has made me very happy and i’ve enjoyed these decorations probably more than any other year thus far.

IMG_2494 IMG_2504 IMG_2499 IMG_2492 IMG_2485 IMG_2507

i went a little crazy with the evergreen boughs, which i actually got for free from lowes when then cut them off the bases of their real trees (most hardware stores and tree farms will give you their cuttings for free if you ask). it looks pretty adorning the mantel and a little out of control on the mirror (i’m not mad about it though), but making those garlands from crude tree trimmings was messy and so very sappy/sticky. i’m surprised i didn’t ruin my carpet and in the future, projects like that will be done outside. i also had a lot of fun collecting all the┬ábrass candlesticks, found at local yard sales and thrift stores. none of them cost more than $3 and they’re nice to have to rotate into decor year-round because brass is pretty classic and candlesticks are nice for entertaining. i’m particularly smitten with the brass sconces i added above the fireplace, which will stay year-round from here on out.

IMG_2515 IMG_2216 IMG_2133 IMG_2484

so there you have it – merry christmas from my tiny little home to yours! i pray that the hope and joy of Christ’s coming will be present in your homes and hearts over the next few days. i am overwhelmed with the glorious gift of His coming in our broken world.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Your apartment looks lovely and your mantle is amazing!