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the house that built me

Friday, July 22nd, 2016


tomorrow morning is one i’ve dreaded for more than a year. i keep saying that the hard part is over now that goodbyes have officially been said, but ultimately i find myself awake in the middle of the night again, thinking about what’s to come and the unbearable and yet self-inflicted change that’s happening next.

tomorrow is the day we hand over the keys to the house where i grew up, the house my parents have owned for 25 years.

i should start by saying that leaving 549 burrage road is a blessing. it means that my parents can finally build their dream home on a lake and look forward to the next chapter of their (our) lives. there’s no sadness in that. it’s so great, in fact, that it seems surreal. and right now we’re in the surreal in-between where there’s no new home, but no old home either. no kitchen where i’ve spent nearly every thanksgiving of my life, no bedroom that holds my american girl dolls or the pink scratch-and-sniff smiley face sticker on my doorknob, no wall with the hole where my brother tried to make a secret portal between our rooms when we were kids.

i’ve dreaded it for months, but this week i’ve spent so much time thinking about this transition and there are way too many thoughts swirling in my head for one blog post. for starters, i can’t understand what it is about leaving this house that’s so difficult. i will always have memories of my life there. as my brother likes to say, we’re not selling those. my family members are all still very close. giving up this house really doesn’t mean i’m relinquishing anything but empty rooms and blank spaces. i know that the things that make a home aren’t the walls or the paint or the curtains. it’s not the space but the life lived within it.


and despite all that, i can’t sleep tonight. my chest hurts when i think about strangers filling those blank spaces with their things, their lives, their memories. selfishly i want to keep those spaces sacred and mine. i hate that they might not love them the same way i did. that they might cut down the cherry tree in the yard where we took easter pictures, or remove the bar in the kitchen where my dad still makes me coffee on the mornings i’m there, or rip out the retro “hugs not drugs” bumper sticker on the wall inside my brother’s closet.

i know i am a person that feels things deeply, and generally i’m both thankful for and annoyed by that fact. i hate that things and places evoke such deep emotions within me. if they didn’t, i could walk away from this house much more easily than i have. (and i could have thrown out the 39,084 stuffed animals from my childhood that my parents patiently agreed to let me keep in their new garage.) it’s a characteristic i find impossible to describe to anyone who can’t relate. i envy those people who can’t relate. i know intellectually that a house is just a house, but that doesn’t change the emotional connection i feel to it. i became a person within those walls. no matter who those walls belong to in the future, it won’t change the fact that they surrounded me during all of my becoming. they’ll always be a part of me and i of them, and no intellectual reasoning (no matter how rational) can change that.


i always find change to be a mystery because i hate it and yet i desire it. the leaving behind is always difficult. but, in its infinite paradox, not nearly as difficult as the staying-put. and in this surreal in-between, i’m infinitely grateful that saying goodbye to this house is as difficult as it is, because it means that my life there was well-lived. those blank spaces were filled with everything that a childhood and a family and an abundant life are supposed to be. while the staying-put in this house for the last 25 years has meant the leaving behind of so many other things; in all of those transitions, my family and i have become more and more of the people we were created to become, both together and apart. and that’s really always the goal, isn’t it? i am incredibly thankful for the role that 549 burrage road played in our stories and for an unchanging Father who always calls us forward into the unknown. His best is always before us.

photos 1./2. joe hartsell 3. drawing by aaron cote of ga studio drawings

not a big deal, but also kind of a big one

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015


it’s been over a year since i posted on this blog. and i think it’s safe to say i’ve thought about it almost every day since then. i don’t really know that there’s one specific thing to blame for my absence, but it’s mostly a combination of a busy schedule, lack of priorities, feeling overwhelmed, feeling afraid to put anything out there on the internet because people are mean, and just plain ignoring the fact that my fingers are dying to type in this little white box again because there’s netflix and instagram and a myriad of distractions to keep me from doing what i’m supposed to be doing. and what i’m supposed to be doing, at least in part, is blogging. i know this somewhere deep inside, but i think sometimes when we know certain things to be true and they scare us, we ignore them.

but, quite frankly, i can’t ignore it anymore. i don’t often hear the Lord’s voice very clearly in my life. i think this is likely because i overanalyze everything, so when i do hear it, i explain it away or overthink it. i’m not that good at discerning what He wants from me a majority of the time (thanks to all the thinking), but in this case He’s been quite clear. He wants me to write on this blog. the gentle and not-so-gentle nudges have come from everywhere and haven’t stopped. and i’m embarrassed to say i’ve ignored them for a long time. like months. maybe longer. and for all the wrong reasons. reasons like “people will think i’m stupid” or “i don’t want to seem narcissistic” or “it won’t matter anyway”. none of these are good reasons. none of these are God reasons.

last night i stumbled upon the refined woman blog, specifically this beautiful post, and it struck such a chord with me. kat’s words are as true to me as if i’d written them myself, and reading her words felt familiar and filling. then i realized something that’s obvious, but maybe not often articulated. some women blog for themselves and for followers and for free stuff. for tickets to fashion week and partnerships with retailers. i never feel encouraged when i read those posts, even if they are lovely and sometimes i get cool outfit ideas. but. some women blog for other women, in hopes that their words will encourage and remind someone she’s not alone. that pretty much all of our experiences and struggles and frustrations in life are shared. and i want to be that kind of blogger. i want to be authentic and honest and show you pictures of real life and things that are beautiful, yes, but beautiful because they are real. i don’t want my blog or my instagram feed or anything else i put out into the world to make women feel like they are less. i want to remind them that they are not alone. that they’re a part of a community (even if it is a virtual one). i want to remind them that they have unique worth and purpose and that life is hard, but it’s also really, really wonderful sometimes.

that’s my prayer for the future of this blog, this site, and some of the new projects i plan to roll out soon. a part of me is still scared. hell, most of me is still scared. i’m scared no one will care, that i’ll fail, that i’ll be disappointed or that i won’t be good enough. but the truth is, that no matter the results i expect, the ones that come will be GOOD despite how they look to me or others. this site and my heart are surrendered, and whether my expectations are met or not, nothing that is done in faithfulness is done in vain. onward!

image via mary claire photography for golden swank

in the slowness

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

2012-03-17 11.51.53

last week i had a big meeting at work with important people. i look up to these individuals, am intimidated by these individuals, and usually do awkward things around these individuals, like trip over computer cords or accidentally mix up the difference between gross and net profit. both of which happened at this particular meeting. cool.

they’re successful, they’re smart, they’re well-connected. they wear suits and talk about capital gains and their financial planners. they drive porsches and have vacation homes and travel to china for work.

as each of them arrived at the meeting last week, i caught snippets of conversations from around the room. most of them hadn’t seen one another since the beginning of the summer, and essentially all of the conversations consisted of variations of these phrases:

“busiest summer of my life”
“can’t keep up”
“traveling all summer”
“so much going on”
“unbelievably crazy lately”

i spend my days at a similar pace, trying to keep up, measure up, one-up. i spent a large part of labor day weekend beating myself up for not being more productive. i always equate success with accomplishment. if i can’t list it on my resume or check it off my to-do list, i’m wasting time, being unproductive, feeling guilty.

the fact is, though, i’m not a high-speed kind of person. i like to analyze things, do them slowly and well and intentionally. i need down time to recharge. i don’t like being rushed and over-committed. i don’t like having a massively long to-do list. i like time to create and be inspired and be still and pensive.

for the past few years, i’ve struggled between these two worlds. i do my job well and enjoy what i do, but often it’s at the cost of my sense of self. i operate on autopilot and miss the part of life that shouldn’t be missed. i don’t feel inspired or joyful or satisfied. last week in that boardroom, i felt sad. i don’t want to use any of those adjectives or phrases to describe my life. there are seasons for everything and there’s a great deal to be said for hard work, but at what cost? not to say that everyone’s balance is the same, but i think that for me, i’m realizing i need a different pace. i can’t move at warp speed at work and live my life the way i want to. i find myself and my Creator in the slowness of life.

and that’s okay.

partying like it’s my birthday

Friday, August 29th, 2014

2014-08-02 23.28.34

this year, my birthday was exceptionally fantastic. i realize it happened a month ago, but i’m still thinking about it. i have extremely thoughtful friends and family who made me feel very loved and very special. you know how when you were a kid and your birthday felt almost as awesome as christmas? this year was probably the closest to that feeling i can remember in ages. i don’t even mind that much that i am now one year away from 30. i had a taco party at one of my favorite charlotte restaurants. there was rainbow cake, a balloon bouquet, lots of new friends and a waiter who looked like and was probably much nicer than john mayer. i spent my actual birthday not working and playing with my mom. we ate lunch on the lake and shopped at goodwill, which is basically my ideal day. i bought a shirt with a cat on it that says “let’s get cray” (see here and be jealous) and then i ate more cake with my family. finally, the following weekend, i spent time in southern pines playing with my favorites, who threw me an incredibly sweet and very unexpected surprise party (see images above and below) that also included cake, with the best homemade icing i’ve ever tasted. made by my professional cake baker and all-around-amazing friend amy. i’m sensing a trend here. cake and general cray-ness. anyway, to my friends and family who are so wonderful: i love you and the cakes you make for me.

photo 3

the other fun part of birthdays is the presents. and when very generous people give you birthday checks so you can go shopping. even though it’s literally almost 100 degrees here today (i sweat through my work clothes just driving home this afternoon), i am naturally way excited about fall. and fall clothes. and boots and fall jackets and sweaters and flannel and boots. in an effort to thank those who were kind enough to finance this afternoon’s online shopping extravaganza, i would like to share with you the following purchases that have been sponsored by your generosity. these boots though. and this jacket though. i am crazy about them. and you. and fall. and boots.

birthday buys

buying these things today made me feel like it’s my birthday all over again, and that’s never a bad feeling. excuse me while i go find some more cake.

photo collage credit: 1.sole society 2.forever 21

here comes the sun

Monday, August 4th, 2014


a while ago (and by a while i mean a long while, because let’s be honest, it’s been a LONG while since i’ve spent any time on blooming branch), my lovely friend lacey nominated me for a sunshine award. you know those fun little link-up bloggy trends where you can interact with other bloggers? one of those. sadly, i never responded to my nomination and the chain-blog (like chain mail, but virtual?) phenomenon stopped with me. oops. it’s likely whomever started the sunshine award is wondering what happened somewhere along the line, and i’m the broken link. to that person: sorry. i’m here now. let’s do this.

sadly, whomever started the sunshine award is going to hate me even further because i’m about to follow none of the rules. i think i’m supposed to display the award graphic and nominate some other blogger friends. i like the sunshine photo above much more than the award graphic and lately i have no blogger friends (besides lacey) because i have been quite isolated from the blogging world and because, well, let’s be honest, i’m not making any friends here when i break all the chain-blog award rules.

hopefully whomever is reading this still likes me, despite my complete disdain for following directions. here are the two things i will do:

1. thank the blogger who nominated me

lacey has been my number one since college. i don’t remember the first time we met, but i always remember thinking she was cool. we met before the end of sophomore year, and i remember she sent me some extremely creative cards over the summer (are you surprised?). i was working at a bank as a summer teller and i hated life, so naturally these cards were one of the few highlights of the summer. then we started chatting on aol instant messenger and the rest was history for princesscdc and tinkbaby85 (i had to restrain myself from putting @ in front of our aol screen names). since then, i can’t count how many times she has encouraged me, made me laugh, inspired me and ate junk food with me. i am so thankful for her thoughtfulness and her creativity and her friendship. and her blog. because most of the time it’s the only one i read.

2. tell you 10 interesting things about me (this is the best part of the sunshine award…did you think i’d ignore this rule?)

2014-07-19 13.11.57

1. i collect milk glass. i know nothing about milk glass, but i love it. a goal of mine in the near future is to learn about the different patterns and their origins. i have way too many pieces for my small apartment, but they look cool on top of my kitchen cabinets.

2. i am an INFJ according to the myers-briggs personality profile. apparently this is the rarest type and, depending on which website you read, puts in me approximately one to five percent of the population. i can’t decide if this makes me weird or cool.

3. i am not a morning person. at all. if it weren’t for coffee, it’s possible i’d never get up.


4. sherlock on pbs has become my new favorite show recently. if you don’t think benedict cumberbatch is delicious now, i guarantee you’ll think so once you’ve watched.

5. i have an extremely hard time getting rid of things. if it was a gift or i wore/used it during some memorable occasion, you can forget about it, even if i no longer use or want it. it’s a problem, but bonus: i don’t often return gifts from people i love for this reason.

2012-10-21 09.53.28

6. i love watching planes take off and land. having flown my entire life (child of an airline employee here), you think i’d be over it. i’m not. it’s fascinating. the runway overlook at the charlotte airport is a legitimately cool hangout spot.

7. i secretly (or not so secretly now) like ironing. i don’t know why.

8. people tell me a lot that i look like taylor swift. i am okay with this. except i feel more like 29 than 22. but.

9. i ask a lot of questions. i think lacey mentioned this in her list too, but i’m so much more comfortable asking people about themselves than i am talking about myself. (which seems ironic to say, given the nature of this blog post. writing is easier than talking.) talking about myself/my life with people i don’t know very well is WAY out of my comfort zone. thus, i interrogate people when making small talk. i’m sorry in advance if i’ve ever done this to you. it’s not a good dating tactic, if you’re wondering.

10. i have recently become mildly obsessed with my record player. i can’t stop buying albums (billy joel, air supply and tony bennett being some recent favorites).

so, there you have it. the sunshine award. there hasn’t been a lot of sunshine around here this past weekend, but i can’t say i’m too sad about it. because it’s summer and if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you are well aware of how i feel about heat and humidity. get out of my life, summer. thanks again to lacey for this lovely nomination!

image credits: 1. weheartit 3. beta beat

winter break update

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


so it’s been a wicked long time since i last posted. as much as i enjoy blogging, things that pay the bills generally take precedent. but tonight it’s pouring and freezing and i have a fire and i’m wearing wooly socks and a giant sweater that comes down to my knees. so it seemed like a good time. i have some fun posts lined up because, despite the ridiculous temperatures today, spring is almost here and i’m pretty excited about it (until the 80+ temps hit). in the meantime, here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on over here:

1. i spent a fantastic weekend in asheville with some new lady friends. we went super hardcore and took the audio tour at the biltmore, which was actually super cool. at work, i’ve been fortunate to meet and work with the vanderbilts, so it’s kind of ridiculous thinking that they spent the first years of their lives in that home. how very downton-esque of them.


we ate at one of my favorite asheville restaurants (barley’s) where they happened to be out of my favorite thing on the menu (fiddlesticks). this was extremely upsetting and that’s all i can say about it. the next morning, we met up with another group of friends who were headed to the biltmore for sunday brunch at this ridiculously good place called mayfel’s. any place that serves beignets and mimosas is pretty a-okay with me, but this place in particular was great.


they also made this southern eggs benedict with fried green tomatoes. you guys.

then, as one always should after an obscenely large meal, we went to the jcrew outlet and spent two hours trying on jcrew clothes at ridiculously cheap prices. if you haven’t been to a legit jcrew clearance store (not outlet, but clearance store), you’re missing out. it’s the only time i buy jcrew. unless it’s at the goodwill, of course.

2. i watched a LOT of olympic coverage. i can’t say this was really my favorite year at all (was it anyone but putin’s favorite? i think not.) but the russian ballet dancers during the opening ceremony basically made my life.

3. it snowed. and snowed. and snowed. so much so that i got to work from home in my pajamas for two and a half days. it’s amazing how much i can accomplish with conference calls on mute. it was glorious, but i was very ready to go back to the office and wear real clothes on friday.

IMG_9454 IMG_9458 IMG_9506 IMG_9476

liam was happy i was home but extremely unhappy that i was unwilling to stop working and let him sit on me.

IMG_9485IMG_4568 IMG_4569

4. valentine’s day came and went. the whole being-snowed-in thing made me a little ambitious/restless/crazy and i made snickerdoodles and wrapped them up real cute like. my dad gave me beautiful tulips and i recklessly wore red and pink and polka dots to work.

IMG_9427 IMG_4571IMG_9523

5. i went to visit lacey in durham. twice. that’s how long i’ve been away. the first time we drank wine, ate junk food, went to guglhupf, and went shopping. the second time we drank wine, ate junk food, went to guglhupf and went shopping. when a system works, you don’t mess with it.


the second time we also celebrated lacey’s birthday with our friend and the third member of our bestie triumvirate, sarah. we ate tacos at nanataco and played darts at fullsteam brewery while everyone else was transfixed by the duke-carolina game.


6. and finally, i wrote this little article about being assertive over on ibelieve. it’s something i feel pretty strongly about, so you should definitely pop on over and check it out!

much more goodness to come! xoxo

russian ballet image via hitfix

the stone collective: february

Friday, February 28th, 2014

The Stone Collective Final logo


you guys, i’m really excited about this. a couple of months ago, my friend sarah contacted me about a really cool new idea designed to unite bloggers through worship and creativity on her blog, live it out! the stone collective is a community making much of Jesus as we create art, photography, prose, poems or music that commemorate the wonderful things God does in our life. based on the passage in 1 Samuel 7:12-14, each month we will collect Ebenezer Stones as a regular practice in the art of worship via our creativity. i’ve never been one to paint or dance or do anything really in terms of worship. the idea of syncing my creativity and my feelings about the Lord is a little intimidating to me for some reason, which is all the more reason that i was excited to jump into this project head-first. if my creativity is a gift from the Lord and everything i do, in essence, should glorify Him, why wouldn’t i want to use it to create as a response to His extraordinary blessings? i also love the idea of using my blog to commemorate blessings that the Lord has poured out on me monthly. i don’t journal on the regular, so what an extraordinary way to recognize His blessings, be thankful and remember His goodness throughout the year.

i’ll admit, i’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what to do for my first-ever ebenezer stone, but the past two months have been ones of immense blessing in my life. so much so that i can’t stay silent. which is why i’m so thrilled to have this opportunity to join sarah and all of our blogger friends in this special kick-off…

2011-12-31 12.29.15

one of my favorite images in the Bible is that of a branch connected to The Vine. Jesus uses so much imagery surrounding nature and branches to describe our relationship with Him. in addition, i am consistently distracted by branches in nature. particularly in winter when they are bare. they are dead in our eyes, yet exquisite and very much alive inside, waiting for the right time to bloom again. but as much as one branch is beautiful, i am generally overwhelmed by the branches on large, mature trees. it’s these that captivate me the most. it’s in the simple beauty of the branches that the whole tree becomes majestic, in the infinite overlap and difficulty finding where one branch begins and another ends that they all grow together.

i’ve realized lately that as much as i use Christ’s branch imagery to guide my own life, most vines in nature produce more than one branch. and, once again, it’s their collective parts that makes the vine resplendent. a tree with one branch wouldn’t really be very magnificent, even if that branch flourished alone. in short, community has not been something i’ve realized i needed as much as i did, and in the past few months, the Lord has abundantly blessed me with friends that have made me realize how much our life is meant to be lived alongside others. it’s in our shared lives that Christ is the most visible to us and those around us. i’ve been so overwhelmed by this reality lately and so incredibly thankful for the extraordinary friendships and community that the Lord has given me. it’s a reminder to me of how much He loves me, how much He loves others, and how much He is glorified through genuine relationships and genuine community.

i love this picture above, my ebenezer stone for february, which i actually took on broad street in southern pines, nc (interestingly, where i met sarah and a place that truly represents family and community for me). it perfectly captures the many branches that make up the vine and how despite their individuality, they are all connected, all strengthened by one another, and all a part of a magnificent whole.

and now that i’ve talked all about community, want to join in on the stone collective? create your own stone and link up to LIVE IT OUT! blog. #TheStoneCollective. you can also see all of the others bloggers that are participating there – check them out!

valentine link love

Friday, February 14th, 2014


eeeeeep! happy valentine’s day! you guys, i LOVE valentine’s day. LOVE it.

although the excitement and has been slightly diminished by the fact that i’ve spent the last two days snowed in and have a mega truckload of work to get through today, i still morph into some annoying version of zoey deschanel every year on february 14th. i hand out cute cards and smile at everyone and eat cupcakes. today in particular i’ll be rocking polka dots and quite possibly red and pink. watch out.

in anticipation of the early morning conference call that i have before the sun really rises and the ice on the roads melts (working from home is my favorite, people), here are a few fun links to some other posts i’ve done in honor of v-day:

this year’s valentine reflections on being single and trusting the Lord on my ibelieve blog (this one was real honest and not an easy one to write.)
last year’s article about why i really love valentine’s day on ibelieve

eat some candy hearts (or if you’re really special/i’ll see you today, you’ll get one of the snickerdoodle valentines i made this year) and celebrate this special day filled with LOVE, people!

image via a beautiful mess

failed new year’s resolutions

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


there’s a general saying that i hear often. i think it’s even on some television commercial about arthritis pharmaceuticals – “a body at rest tends to stay at rest while a body in motion tends to stay in motion”. lately, this saying has reminded me of how long it’s been since i’ve seen the inside of my ymca, (um, before christmas? this needs to change.) but i’ve also realized that this statement extends beyond our physical activity into the habits of our day-to-day lives. experts say it takes about three weeks to form a new habit or break an old one, but when it comes to comfortable patterns of behavior or bad habits, i’d venture to say it takes far less time for them to creep back into our changed behaviors. since the beginning of the 2014, i’ve been working hard on being intentional. intentional about getting up in the morning and spending time with the Lord. intentional about saying yes to spending time with new people when i would really rather just stay home with my netflix. intentional about how i spend/budget my time. intentional about trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. for the most part, as a general rule, i’ve been doing pretty well.

until this weekend.

i will give myself some grace in saying that during the week i work hard, which is true for most of us. i work eight – 10 hours and then i go home to work several more on freelance/blog/volunteer activities. i’m lucky if i’m in bed by midnight, if my dinner dishes are washed and if i showered. last week was a productive one. but for some reason, this weekend, i just CRASHED. i watched six movies and no less than four west wing episodes. i took at least three naps. i ate a lot of junk food. i bailed on super bowl plans in favor of making soup in my pajamas and watching more west wing. i ignored the pile of laundry in my room.

i won’t argue that sometimes we need down time. and i also won’t argue that an occasional netflix binge is good for the soul. i am not ashamed of the fact that i’m an introvert and a homebody and that staying in sometimes is exactly what i need to recharge. but i discovered this week that while a restful weekend should have left me ready to hit the ground running on monday morning, that i’ve been struggling since then to get back into the swing of life. when i separate myself from community, from social interaction, from productivity for a while, i have discovered that it actually has a reverse effect for me. instead of giving me the rest i need to be ready for more work, i slide into this weird world of no ambition or motivation. quite honestly, pushing myself back into this week when all i really wanted to do was go home after work and do nothing has been difficult. more difficult than it should have been given that i thought the changes that i’ve made since the beginning of the year were beginning to stick.

all of this to say, a little self-indulgence once in a while isn’t a bad thing. but it takes far less than three weeks to break the good habits i’ve formed and slide back into my comfort zone, which no matter how comfortable, is not where i need to be. i tend to get frustrated when my efforts don’t lend immediate results or success, but the thing is that intentionally making changes is harder than it seems. not only are we trying to form new habits that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but we’re fighting back against the old ones that continue to creep up behind us and pull us back into their comfortable familiarity. i’ve been reminded this week that our own willpower isn’t enough to overcome our self-destructive habits, and that’s where the frustration comes in to play. we think if we’re disciplined enough that true change is possible. but the truth is, we’re weak little humans controlled by our own sinful desires. the good news is, instead of being left to our own devices we can rely on the One who created us and knows all of our intricacies and weaknesses. He designed us to do so. it’s such an incredible feeling for me to know that God’s grace is new every day and it’s ultimately HIM who will manifest change in my life. our shortcomings, set-backs and failed resolutions are made new in His sight and it’s only by abiding in Him that we can begin to accomplish true change.

image credit: laura makabresku

self(ie) obsessed

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


it is estimated that more than one million selfies are taken every day by people in the 18 – 24 age group. i don’t know about you, but they drive me nuts. even my search for a halfway decent photograph for this post returned some unbelievably disturbing/inappropriate/ridiculous photos that have been snapped by young people and placed online for the entire world to see.

social media has been consumed by these annoying self portraits and a few months ago i reached out to in my exasperation with a pitch to write an article about selfies and why they’re consuming our feeds. with the knowledge that a frustrated rant wasn’t the most graceful way to articulate my odd interest in/frustration with them, i forced myself to think beyond the selfie itself and contemplate why we take them and what they mean. and why i don’t particularly like taking selfies of myself. naturally, being honest is hard, but what i discovered certainly taught me more about myself, forced me to realize we all publish “selfies” in some form, and made me think twice about my own use of social media.

you can read the full article on here. it’s a touchy issue. do you love or hate selfies? what do you think they say about us or our society?

interestingly, dove’s campaign for real beauty recently released a video that took a different approach to these photographs. it’s worth a watch! thanks to the lovely katie of this canvas called life for sharing with me!

image via leia herring